Testimonial of a French HR manager who chose the Umbrella Company Turkey solution.


The Umbrella Company Turkey : an effective solution with minimal risk-taking


“I have been HR Manager for the Middle East for more than 5 years in a French company that manufactures washing solutions. Our structure is present in more than 5 countries in the Middle East as well as in Asia.


Since 2008 we have distributors in Turkey. However, we do not currently have a local structure on site, as well as a production plant.


Last year, following the decision of my managers, my company decided to reinforce its investments in Turkey.


However, given our sales last year in this area, we want to take as few risks as possible.


Opening a subsidiary on site is a significant cost, not to mention the creation of a factory in this country.


But we had to feed our relationship to distributors in Turkey. And maintaining an effective relationship is difficult from France.


This is why the solution of Umbrella Company in Turkey seemed to us the most effective. At first, it allowed us to test the local market as closely as possible. In a second step risk taking is minimal or non-existent with the payroll contract in Turkey.


In Payroll Turkey, what is commendable is the possibility of going directly through a local company that deals with the recruitment in Turkey of our staff on site. This same company publishes his payslip (payment of his salary and other contributions). The cost ? The gross salary + the payroll premium.


So last year we recruited an on-site salesman via a payroll company based in Istanbul.


This same salesman working in home office, was responsible for maintaining relations with distributors in Turkey in addition to seeking new distributors.


Our turnover in Turkey has increased by 20% via our wage-earning contract in Turkey. And we are globally satisfied.


The next step ? Creation of an on-site subsidiary in the coming years. There is a good chance that our sales person will take care of the recruitment of the new employees, and become the director of the Turkey structure of our company.


Carrying wages in Turkey is therefore the best way to test your presence in this country without taking major risks. ”


Marcus Nixon.


HR Director of a leading French company in the manufacture of washing solutions.

Please contact our company if you want to establish an Umbrella Company in Turkey.



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