Many companies don’t know very well Payroll Turkey sector. And yet, this system can avoid a lot of their problems! Indeed, we offer a payroll Turkey solution too with Istanbul HR services and take care to make easier few transactions for companies.

Since 2005, Berry makes available for the companies its expertise in commercial and human relationship. Like this each of them can reveal its talent and skills with confidence.


Payroll Turkey concept:

We don’t offer only Recruitment Turkey services ! Payroll is defined as a tripartite relationship between a physical person (a worker), a company (the client) and an umbrella company. The client and the umbrella company Turkey service provider are engaged by an assignment contract. While, the umbrella company and the worker are bound by a contract of employment. Thus, the worker responsible for research of its missions, and the umbrella company handles the administrative management of its business.

Step by step:

  1. First contact with Berry : Presentation of the project.
  2. Finalization of the commercial talks with the client
  3. Signature of the “Payroll Agreement” between the client and us: This contract confirms our partnership
  4. Signature of the assignment contract between us and the client
  5. Signature of the contract of employment between us and the worker
  6. Invoicing of services and payment of salaries

Incorporate our Payroll Turkey service in your HR policy, it’s:

  • Benefit from the expertise and external expertise advice
  • Focus on your business activity
  • Accompany your workers in entrepreneurship
  • Save a lot of your time by delegating all the administrative papers

More than just payroll, in Turkey HR we are developing a true partnership with our workers. We want to stay as closely as possible to their preoccupations and their goals.

We attach a lot of importance to the trust for these tripartite relationships. It’s really essential to us to know very well the people or structures we’ll work with.

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