A sandstorm accompanied by winds reaching between 90 and 105 km/h affected southern Turkey causing damage and injuring 8 people.

In Kayseri, light poles were knocked down and roofs were blown away. The wind also tore off the roof of a 10-storey building in Yavuz neighborhood of Kocasinan district. The roof, blown several meters, fell a physically disabled 62-year-old, who was walking in front of the building. The victim was taken to Kayseri city hospital, could not be saved.

Sandstorm in Turkey damages

The storm is also the cause of road accidents. The first accident happened around 7:00 p.m. at the Konya-Adana Aziziye highway junction and involved 20 vehicles. A total of 5 people were injured in different vehicles during the accident. The injured were taken to Ereğli State Hospital by ambulances.

Another accident occurred at the Konya-Adana Çakmak highway junction around 8:20 p.m. Two truck drivers were injured in the crash. The injured were taken to Ereğli State Hospital by ambulances and treated, the injured driver, whose condition was considered serious, was transferred to NB University Meram Medical School Hospital Konya Necmettin Erbakan.

Due to the strong wind that raged in Tokat, the roofs of some stores were blown into the industrial site. Roofs falling on parked vehicles caused damage. The roofs of some of their stores in the Küçük Sanayi Sitesi in the city center were blown off and fell on parked vehicles.

In Konya, Ereğli district, a person who was hit by the piece flying from the roof due to strong wind was injured and taken to hospital.

Wind gusts at 104 km/h were recorded in Yazibasi, 100.8 km/h in Kayseri.



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