Umbrella Company Turkey is an alternative concept.

In Turkey to exercise a professional activity (as a « self-employed worker ») you must have a legal structure (sole proprietorship, commercial company, etc.) which requires any new activity to go through the process of setting up a business.

In the context of Payroll Turkey, the employee carried out searches for his customers himself, and sets, with them, the conditions of his service (terms of execution, tariff conditions, etc.).

Only an Umbrella Company based in Turkey can conclude a payroll contract.

Any “client company” wishing to benefit from the services of a “supported employee” must conclude with our PEO Turkey, a “service contract”. This contract details the conditions for the performance of the service, as negotiated between « the client company » and the « employee », as well as the mandatory clauses, included in the Labor Code.

In the context of article L.1254-2, it should be noted that the company Payroll is not required to provide work for the employee concerned.

Umbrella Company Turkey : definition

The law gives the following definition of Payroll:

« A set of contractual relationships organized between a payroll company, an employee and client companies comprising for the employee the salary regime and the remuneration for their service to the client by the umbrella company ».

Thus, the legal structure of the Payroll Turkey company will « host » the activity of self-employed workers.

For this, the payroll company will sign an employment contract with the employee in payroll which will give him the status of employee while allowing him to work as if he had a status of self-employed.

The Umbrella Company Turkey will take charge of:

contracting with customers

establishing and monitoring invoices

debt collection

cost accounting for the activity

relations with organizations and administrations (Urssaf, Tax, Pension funds, etc.)

social and tax declarations

management of resources common to all litters (secretarial, insurance, etc.)

The benefits of Umbrella Company Turkey

What are the advantages of Umbrella Company Turkey ?

The advantages of Umbrella Company for employees supported by our Payroll Turkey company are numerous:

Develop your professional activity without creating a legal structure. The legal structure of the company Umbrella Company hosts your professional activity.

Establish and develop your own clientele which you remain the owner

Do not waste time in administrative and management tasks. The Payroll Turkey company takes charge of all administrative tasks of contract management, accounting management and HR management

Benefit from the status of employee and the social cover attached to it (work accident, sickness / maternity benefits, employment center benefits, etc.).

Benefit from excellent professional liability insurance

Benefit from a pension plan

Do not risk your personal wealth

Have the freedom to manage your time in harmony with your family and personal constraints

Do not work alone, benefit from the help provided by the Payroll Turkey company and its network.

The coverages provided by our Umbrella Company Turkey

Health Insurance: our company contributes to the general health insurance plan for employees.

Health Insurance covers the health, maternity, invalidity and death risks of the Litters and the people attached to them.

Supplementary Provident Insurance: our Umbrella Company Turkey contributes to supplementary death and disability insurance group.



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